End-of-Life Doula Care

A holistic approach to death and dying

Dying isn’t a medical event. It is a human one.

Are you prepared for the Sacred journey ahead?

When a loved one is on the verge of passing away or is actually dying, you want to make sure they are being supported and soothed by a sympathetic presence.

A death doula can assist you on your end-of-life journey, providing emotional and practical support while collaborating with your care team.

My Services

Holistic End-of-Life Doula Services

For the Individual

Together, let’s investigate the road in front of you. I’ll pay attention while you think about how you feel about the life-end. You have the chance to express your thoughts, concerns, opinions, and needs around ending. In response, I can discuss how I will assist you on your path and provide the profound gift of companionship

Family Support

It could be helpful for your closest loved ones to come together and talk about your death with one another in the weeks following your passing. As each person begins their own grief journey, they exchange tender moments, inquiries, observations, and support for one another. If desired, I can help your loved ones share their feelings on your passing in a safe environment.


We can start co-creating a plan that supports your peace once we determine what you’d like support with. A vigil plan for the days when death is approaching, ways you can support yourself practically, emotionally, and spiritually in the future, how you’d like to be supported by those in your care circle, how you want to live in the days to come, and how you’d like your body to be treated after death are all possible inclusions in your plan.


Hi, I am

Rosie Kaur

Your End-of-Life Doula

My journey from the darkest place I had ever been in life to a life of happiness, joy, abundance and serenity is one I share with others in hope of connecting with those that need my help the most.

Today I am a transformational life coach, a Reiki Master, and a Death Doula to those who are ready to free themselves from the grasp of their limited minds.

As a holistic healer & End of Life Doula, I look forward to being a companion with you on your journey towards peace and end.

Deep in my heart, I feel called to help people know they are not alone.

– Rosie Kaur

Death Doula Certified

“The End of Life deserves as much Beauty, Care, and Respect as the Beginning.”

How to get started?

Schedule an appointment with me so we can begin this journey together. Whether you are looking for spiritual companionship, or your loved one is approaching the end of life, let’s explore how I can best support you.

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Let’s begin the conversation about facing the end of life; everyone fears it.

Share Your Thoughts

Share your thoughts with an open heart and let me know how best I can help you.

Decide on the Path

Together we will decide the best path forward to make this experience very holistic in approach.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out

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